Horticultural Equipment & Supplies

When searching for horticultural equipment and supplies you want materials that can last in all types of weather and conditions without deteriorating. Committed to supplying the best tools and products to tradespeople, builders, and horticulturalists across Australia the team at Allfix have got you covered.

Thanks to our dedication to improving the quality of projects and works Allfix proudly stocks a wide range of tools and replacement products manufactured by internationally-renowned companies. For horticultural products you can trust to remain in the best condition trust Allfix!

Max horticultural tools

Renowned for being a world-leader in tools and materials used in outdoor environments it goes without saying that Allfix would stock MAX horticultural tools. With a long history of producing superior tools and horticultural maintenance solutions MAX has produced the tapener, which allows for the fast and reliable cutting and strapping or tree branches, roots, and vines.

We stock large volumes of the tapener tool, spools of MAX-brand tape, replacement cutting blades, and staples to guarantee that no matter the size of the grounds or garden you are working on you will always have what you need when you turn to Allfix.

Quality Horticultural Equipment

At Allfix we leave nothing to chance. Having worked in the industry for years we understand the desires and requirements of our customers and clients better than other suppliers. To gain a deeper insight into our selection of high-quality horticultural equipment call us on 1300 255 349.


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