For the team at Allfix it is our mission to support our distributors that supply builders, tradespeople, carpenters, and other industry professionals with internationally-renowned pneumatic tools, collated nails, brads and staples at a competitive price. Coupled with our strong reputation for delivering the highest standards of attentive customer care and service Allfix has earnt its reputation for delivering exceptional service to our distributors Australia-wide.

At Allfix we strive to be the one-stop shop for distributors that supply tradespeople searching for the best in pneumatic tools. Constantly searching for high-quality and expertly manufactured products our selection of pneumatic staplers or durable, easy-to-operate, and efficient, ensuring the safety of the operator and the completion of projects on schedule and budget.

Pneumatic Staplers

Using pressurised air to accurately propel galvanised and treated brads, nails, and staples into timber and other materials of a similar density our pneumatic staplers can be used with confidence in a number of indoor and outdoor environments. Committed to improving the output and performance of your site or project you can always rely on Allfix to ensure that you have the right tool for the job in your hands. To find out more about our products and how to take advantage of our same-day service commitment call us on 1300 255 349.


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Product Categories

  • Flooring & Underlay
  • Decking Tool
  • Packaging
  • Bedding
  • Pinners-Bradders-Nailers
  • “T” Nailers
  • Corrugated Fasteners
  • Hammer Tacker
  • Coil + Framing Nailers
  • Horticultural Equipment & Supplies
  • Packner Equipment